Things that make me go Boo!
This one making me all broody 

😍🐣πŸ₯πŸ‘Άβ€οΈ #alaramaznah

Well done Mama, Ayah & Kakak #alessandramaznah
Popok !

Working with this awesome soul again

Monday Motivation

Don’t give up! πŸ‘Š

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Respite from the heat 🚲🚴🌞

#fitness #cycling #shade #scott
Bold classy set of timeless classics of old… And classics of the future. Nice one boys.

Twice in the space of 5 days too

And thanks for the autographs. Am officially the best Aunt in the universe 

Have a listen on ur next flight - cheers

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Sinaran β˜€οΈ

#juiceanniversary #dangerdisko #livescapeasia
This is how we got to today. Innit

Credit to @lynn_ban for this πŸ‘Š
Happy Tin Day

What a rollercoaster but we made it here today. Once upon a time it was u and me against the world. Now it’s u, me and the world ❀️
This woman. This moment. Countdown 

#toryburch #malaysia #valiram #ten #nadsatravel #nadsaten (at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur)

F*ck you low life loser mother f*cker for the sweet hit and run at the lights at Jalan Desa kiara turning into kiara 3. Yes you cut us up and whacked us. Rushing to ur πŸ’€ no doubt cos u sped off so fast there was no chance to even spot what sh*tbag car you were in let alone ur number plate.
You just had to pick Dad’s car too didn’t u.

Thankful no one was hurt and be damage minimal. Thankful that life is balanced. Just u wait 

Peace out ✌️